4 Benefits of Manufacturing Your Product in China

Too often we are bombarded with information giving us the assumed negative impact of outsourcing product manufacturing outside of the United States. Oftentimes this information stems from 1) people who either neglected to diligently research the companies they chose to outsource to, or 2) those who haven’t actually pulled the trigger and taken their product manufacturing abroad because of fear or negative stigmas.

Rest assured that there are just as many, if not more, reasons to consider moving your product manufacturing abroad. Below are just a few:

Labor Costs are Significantly Reduced; Production Rates Soar

The largest and most obvious motivation for product outsourcing is the known reduction in manufacturing costs. Labor continues to be one of the biggest costs to any company that regularly manufactures large amounts of products. Outsourcing to China allows for bulk production at a significantly lower rate. It also allows your current staffing situation to be notably more flexible.

Product Affordability

Product comparison almost always ends with price being the final decision maker. If you have product competition in the US market, outsourcing your manufacturing could lower your overall price point and steer more consumers in your direction.

Accessibility to the World’s Largest Economy

Setting up a manufacturing base in China automatically converts to increased accessibility to other Asian markets—which, in some cases, creates accessibility to the European marketplace, essentially creating a global presence and unlimited possibility of product exposure and popularity.

Increased Focus

Once you’ve decided on and are pleased with the results of your overseas manufacturer, you are free to shift your focus from the heavy burden of labor and manufacturing to other areas of business that will increase your revenue.

To date, China makes up a fifth of the world’s global manufacturing – which places it first out of any other manufacturing nation in the world. It boasts huge manpower, access to raw materials, and a willingness to produce your products at a fast rate according to your specifications.

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