4 Ways to Improve Your Presence at Trade Shows This Year

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 boasted life-changing innovations in technology-driven areas like vehicle technology, smart home advancements, wearables, fitness and health, and much more. Not surprisingly, CES 2019 also drew massive crowds as attendees flocked to scope out the latest technologies and products for themselves.

So how do you make your booth stand out amongst a sea of impressive competitors?

The appearance of your booth at any trade show—large or small, CES or another show, as well as what it has to offer, is the key to snagging the attention of attendees… and keeping it.

So how do you build a strong event presence? Here are 4 ways to maximize your trade show presence, and make your appearance a success:

Utilize Social Media to Market Your Presence Ahead of Time

Utilize current email lists, social media following, and personal relationships to create a buzz before the actual trade show, beginning at least 6-8 weeks before the event. The closer to the event it is, the more trade show related content you’ll want to post.

If you are new to social media (or just don’t have a strong web presence established yet) you can “piggyback” on the marketing efforts of the trade show itself by liking, commenting, and tagging the trade show pages and websites on your posts.  

Have a Solid Plan

Map out a strong strategy for each phase of the trade show—before, during, and after—well in advance. Part of your planning should include outlining your personal reasons for attending the show (i.e. product launch, growing your network, gaining leads, etc.)

If you have money within your marketing budget, you should try to implement some account-based marketing and targeted audience strategies to identify interested prospects. By identifying interested attendees in advance, you‘ll have people actively looking for your booth when they arrive at the show, rather than having to scout out interested parties the day of.

Make Visiting Your Booth a Memorable Experience

In addition to having a visually engaging booth, it is imperative that you have friendly, welcoming faces there to help visitors. Passing a booth with employees playing on their cell phones is a great way to make sure attendees keep on walking.

Make sure that your promotional team knows the product inside and out, and employs an upbeat, outgoing personality with the necessary energy to talk to people all day.

You may also want to take things a step further and provide more than company information sheets and promotional items. You may decide to step up the engagement factor and have a game visitors can play, or a wheel that attendees that can spin that dictates what promotional materials they “win.”  This way attendees are entertained, engaged, and more likely to remember your product.

Follow Up

Include a sign-up sheet or business card bowl where attendees can leave their contact information so that you can keep them up-to-date on your company’s products and appearances at future trade shows.

To follow up on social media, create a custom hashtag for your product or brand and encourage your booth visitors to take pictures. You may offer some sort of prize or feature for those who upload photos using your hashtag. This will allow you to engage with your booth visitors after the fact, and forge a long-lasting relationship via social media.  

Establishing a known, positive presence at any show is the key to cultivating long-term relationships that extend well past the close of the show. Implementing some of these strategies not only promises that your booth will be a hit, but that your brand and product will be too!

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