5 Ways to Make Your Booth Stand Out in a Trade Show

Trade shows are excellent opportunities to generate new leads and show customers what your brand is all about. Even so, many customers come to these conferences anticipating a combination of flashy gimmicks and one eye-catching booth exhibit after another. How can you exceed their expectations and build a booth that blows your competition out of the water?

1) Hand out quirky freebies.

Let’s face it: most trade show attendees have collected enough corporate-branded pens, mugs, and lanyards at this point. Try to think of a more fun and unusual freebie, like headphones or the trendy Fidget Spinners, to set yourself apart from the competition. Your giveaway can also represent your brand in some way (besides displaying your logo). For example, if you work in the automotive industry, you could give away ice scrapers, key lights, or even toy cars.

2) Research the competition.

Before you even set foot in the trade show, it’s important to scope out your competition. Who had the best booths at the last conference? What will everyone else be doing this time around, and how can you be different? You can even engage your audience on social media by asking them what they’d like to see at the trade show.

3) Make them laugh.

Humor can create positive vibes around your booth and attract customers from across the trade show floor. Instead of boring your customers with the latest marketing claptrap, consider adding some playfulness to your display. For instance, maybe you have a witty catchphrase on your t-shirts and banners, a performer with comedic talent, or a whimsical mascot dancing nearby. Give your customers something that’s both fun and different, and they’ll take away something that will keep your brand top of mind (plus they’ll be more likely to pass it along to others).

4) Think outside the booth.

A standout exhibit doesn’t have to be big or expensive, and it doesn’t even have to be confined to your booth. For instance, a company called VIP Waste Services stole the show by bringing live penguins from the local zoo on a small budget. Clothing company Cutter & Buck eschewed the conference floor entirely by inviting their key prospective clients to a lavish suite and stealing their attention away from the competition.

5) Curate their experience.

Think about what kind of experience you want customers to have at your booth. Do they really want to stand there and listen to a speech? Can you instead add interactivity by bringing in touch screens, or by creating an interactive game or display? For example, an organization called Charity Water invited booth visitors to carry two 40-pound jugs of water across a 50 yard platform, giving visitors a firsthand understanding of the hardships endured by people in developing nations. If you can make your customers think while grabbing their attention, you’re likely to score extra points.

Aside from preparing a phenomenal booth, companies need to do one more critical piece of prep-work before they enter the trade show floor: they must ensure their intellectual property is safe from copycats. The skilled attorneys at BRADFORD, LTD are here to help you make comprehensive legal preparations for your trade show exhibit. We are particularly knowledgeable when it comes to prototyping and developing your products in China. Contact us today to use our industry-specific experience to your company’s advantage.

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