Automakers: How to Stay Compliant with the EPA and Clean Air Act

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, one of your biggest responsibilities and challenges is to make sure that your company complies with all regulations pertaining to your specific market and industry. A failure to do so may result in fines, loss of consumer’s trust, and serious financial losses. As a result, all the effort […]

Selling Your Products in Europe? Make Sure You’re GDPR Compliant

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of legislation regulating how companies should treat privacy and sensitive data of their customers. It was enacted by the European Parliament in 2016 and entered into force on May 25th, 2018. Even though this law affects primarily EU member states, its ramifications go well beyond European borders. […]

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property in the Automotive Aftermarket

Counterfeit products, stolen designs, or even your trademark registered in another country by an imposter company – if you are a manufacturer in the automotive industry, these are only a few examples of problems you may encounter with regards to enforcing your intellectual property rights. The challenge is there and it is real – the […]

Outsourcing Your Manufacturing? 4 Steps to Ensure Legal Protection

In an article published on our blog in July, we presented practical suggestions on how to manage a successful relationship with an overseas manufacturer. Such a relationship and the ability to maintain it are the keys to smooth operation of your company and avoiding unnecessary delays and losses. However, if your business model entails outsourcing […]

Security on the Internet of Things: What You Need to Know

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is currently one of the fastest growing trends in the digital technology market. Put simply, IoT describes a vast network of interconnected smart devices. These devices include phones, autonomous cars, home appliances, and industrial sensors, just to name a few. Smart technologies, including sophisticated sensors and chips, allow them […]

How to Manage Your Overseas Manufacturing Relationship

Outsourcing manufacturing overseas – especially to China, but also, more recently, countries like Vietnam and Cambodia as well – has become an established way of operations for many American companies. There’s little wonder why – China’s manufacturing companies often offer a key advantage over the domestic ones with regards to the time and volume of […]

In the Big Leagues: 4 Tips to Get Your Product on the Shelves Faster

Finally, it has happened. Months of hard work and sleepless nights paid off. You saw your dreams turn into plans, your plans turn into prototypes, and your product is here at last. Fully developed and manufactured, ready for the mass production stage. Naturally, you can’t wait to deliver it to customers. At this point, nothing […]

If My Company’s Customer Data is Breached, Am I Liable?

It seems like every time we turn on the news we’re hearing about another data breach where an organization’s customer data has been compromised. Sometimes it’s basic data such as what’s available on a Facebook page. Other times, it’s more serious. For example, the recent Equifax data breach resulted in more than 143 million U.S. […]

Intellectual Property Law: 4 Ways to Protect Your Company’s Products and Ideas

You may not know it, but your business is a treasure trove of hidden assets: intellectual property. IP lurks in all corners from the ad copy in your sales brochures to the photographs on your websites to the secret recipe for your famous spices. And, like any asset, intellectual property needs to be protected and […]

4 Steps to Creating an Effective Product Prototype

In 2016, U.S. applicants filed 56,595 patent, trademark, and copyright applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The average number of approved applications typically hovers around 50%. What exactly does that have to do with creating a prototype you may ask? Studies show that your chances of receiving a patent grant are greatly improved […]