New Trademark Rules: How Will Your Business Be Impacted?

By Cindy N. Pham, Attorney, BRADFORD, LTD. Branding decisions are frequently affected by prior trademark filings – often to the point where a company takes an entirely different path with its business or branding plan. A new rule by the USPTO may change all that.  On August 3, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark […]

Business Owners: There may be a better way to protect your IP and increase business value

Small business owners and entrepreneurs invest significant capital – and undertake enormous risk – when starting or growing their business. For many, the investment they make in their intellectual property (IP) assets, from trademarks to patents – represents one of the company’s single biggest expenditures beyond the value of their time and experience.  Protecting it […]

3 Tips for IPR Complaints at SEMA

The SEMA show is one of the best places to showcase your new product to the brightest minds and the greatest enthusiast in the automotive industry. However, as is the case with any other major trade show, SEMA can also be a place where innovators clash over intellectual property rights. It is not uncommon for […]

Automakers: How to Stay Compliant with the EPA and Clean Air Act

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, one of your biggest responsibilities and challenges is to make sure that your company complies with all regulations pertaining to your specific market and industry. A failure to do so may result in fines, loss of consumer’s trust, and serious financial losses. As a result, all the effort […]

Two Alternatives to Formal IP Registration

The advantages of registering intellectual property are unquestionable and evident to every entrepreneur who worked hard to create a successful product or design. However, most IP protection tools – such as patents or trademarks – are also undeniably costly. For example, fees for filing and processing a patent may add up to at least $500. […]

Do You Have Freedom to Operate?

The telegraph, telephone, and lightbulb are just a few examples of inventions that were designed and constructed independently by multiple inventors almost exactly at the same time in history. Out of these three, the telephone is a particularly noteworthy example. The patent for it was reportedly filed by two different engineers – Elisha Gray and […]

3 Tips for Getting Great Ideas Out of Your Employees

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, the professional journey started with a single idea. Whether it was an original design, a new product, or an innovative service, that initial idea was likely the force behind their company’s initial progress and success. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you likely still remember the weeks – or […]

Trademark Squatting Explained

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur who launched a successful product or service in the U.S., it is likely that you are carefully evaluating the opportunities to expand your business into a new market overseas. Imagine, however, how frustrated you’d feel if, upon trying to register your U.S. trademark in another country, you discovered that […]

New Product Launch? Triage and Protect your IP first!

New product development is the engine of our economy If you are an inventor who is trying to pitch a new, potentially marketable design to investors or manufacturers, you are a facing a complex situation that may feel difficult to maneuver. On one hand, you need to showcase and promote your invention to business entities […]

4 Tips for Protecting Your Company’s Trade Secrets

If you are an accomplished business owner in the manufacturing industry, you likely owe your success to a unique, original invention or an outstanding design. For example, you might have created an innovative product that filled an important market niche. Or maybe you have come up with a way to substantially cut manufacturing costs of […]