Industry-Specific Skills To Better Serve Your Business

BRADFORD, LTD provides legal services within three particular industries: technology, healthcare, and hospitality.  Come to us when you need the kind of insightful counsel that only comes from a profound knowledge of your specific business, as well as the decisive action it takes to gain a competitive edge within your industry.



In many cases, technology is the lifeblood of your business. Sustained market success is driven by elegant design, sound marketing, quality manufacturing, strong distribution channels, and a sophisticated legal strategy that protects your technology from unfair competition. Every successful venture depends upon a robust intellectual property portfolio backed by a trial firm that can enforce your portfolio and defend your products.

BRADFORD works with companies across the globe to protect and enforce their products and services.  From startup technology companies to established market leaders, BRADFORD works with company executives to define a strategy that suits their particular business.  Our diverse client base offers a variety of creative works and products in areas such as automotive parts, medical devices, consumer electronics, cameras, computer software, mobile applications, life sciences, and remote sensing systems. We help our clients formulate a cohesive, multi-dimensional protection plan for their intellectual property including design patents, utility patents, trademarks, trade dress, and copyrights.

We also help our clients avoid litigation.  When our clients encounter a competitor’s intellectual property, either by cease and desist letter or a pre-market freedom to operate opinion, we help them navigate the many options that will allow them to stay competitive. BRADFORD goes the extra step to learn your technology and how your business fits into your broader industry. We join trade organizations, attend trade shows, and subscribe to trade magazines—all to build a strong understanding of the technology itself and the business challenges you face in your particular market.



Healthcare providers must continuously innovate their industry to survive and serve the growing healthcare needs in their communities. It can be a constant challenge to deliver multidisciplinary care in the face of complex regulations, limited financial resources, malpractice claims, and the hurdles involved in building and maintaining infrastructure and talent. With the right approach to management, joint ventures, physician integration, public-private partnerships, and regulatory schemes, providers can become key proponents of healthcare within their communities.

BRADFORD works with physician groups, critical access hospitals, health clinics, extended care facilities, and community hospitals to define corporate and regulatory strategies that will help them thrive. We have assisted clients with the formation of accountable care organizations, Stark compliance, corporate governance, clinical practice standards, peer review committees, physician practice mergers, and hospital/physician practice integration. We also partner with cyber security experts to help clients troubleshoot the pitfalls associated with the storage and protection of personal health information.

For nearly twenty years, Attorney Aaron Bradford has represented the healthcare profession in cases filed by patients. He has defended physicians, nurses, physician assistants, CRNAs, and hospitals in cases involving traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, and catastrophic losses. We have worked in the area of anesthesia, family medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, oncology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology, surgery, emergency medicine, flight medicine, intensive care, cardiology, and pulmonology. We have successfully defended cases before juries in Colorado and Arizona.



BRADFORD is dedicated to the defense of hospitality providers in the United States and around the globe. We have produced unprecedented results for our clients through a consistent, robust, aggressive, and intelligent defense strategy. Hospitality providers are regularly challenged by the market to offer more services and recreational activities. Sound risk management, intelligent incident response, and a stout defense strategy are critical to ensuring that new offerings do not detract from their business, core values, or the customer experience. BRADFORD partners with national and international hospitality companies to protect its clients’ business by offering:

  • Litigation audits in advance of an acquisition
  • Risk management policy review and recommendations
  • Incident response in the event of major personal injury or property loss
  • Claims management strategies that work to drive down claims
  • Litigation and trial services in courts around the country

BRADFORD represents hotels, resorts, recreational providers, outfitters, global touring companies, and medical repatriation companies that serve the hospitality industry. We help our clients identify matters that should be resolved immediately and those that should be defended. In the end, our profound knowledge of the hospitality industry allows us to educate the courts about your business and prepare a narrative that compels a favorable result for your company.


To learn more about the specific services we offer to the technology, healthcare, and hospitality industries, feel free to contact us online or by phone. The team at BRADFORD, LTD will provide you with the tailor-made legal strategies you need to succeed in your sector.