Dedicated To The Auto Manufacturing Industry

When you need legal assistance as an automotive manufacturer, it pays to find an attorney who speaks your language. Driven by the passion, creativity and attention to detail that fuels the automotive aftermarket, BRADFORD LTD represents manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers from around the globe.  Mr. Bradford has handled matters involving nearly every automotive segment, from off-road to racing, lighting, electronics, sensors, on-board computer systems, cameras, wheels, tire, bumpers, steps, towing, lift systems, leveling systems, steering, audio, and all manner of automotive accessories.  Our dedication to your industry is backed by our membership with the Specialty Equipment Market Association, or SEMA.

As a proud member of SEMA, Mr. Bradford attends the SEMA Auto Show and the AAPEX Show each November, along with other automotive aftermarket shows as clients direct.  It is important to see the pace of innovation as we assist you in protecting your business from threats from competitors and regulators. Through his representation of clients at every layer of aftermarket distribution, Mr. Bradford has developed a deep understanding of the process of conception, design, manufacture, import and sale of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories.   Mr. Bradford is fully committed to providing SEMA members with his expertise in the areas of intellectual property, product defect, litigation, MAP protection, false advertising and other forms of anticompetitive conduct.

Through the years, Mr. Bradford has work with clients toward the protection of their automotive aftermarket products, through strategic patent, copyright, and trademark filings along with lawsuits designed enforce these rights.  We also help SEMA members address anticompetitive conduct when it arises.  In the process, Mr. Bradford has handled matters that have touched just about every part in a car’s build.

BRADFORD services range from litigation to prevention.  Not only do we handle all manner of lawsuits from competitors and product claims from the end consumer, we work with you to avoid litigation altogether.  As new products are considered or launched, it is important to partner with a firm like BRADFORD to ensure you are not entering a product segment that is not already locked down by the intellectual property rights of your competitors.  We work with you to assess risk associated with new product lines in order to prevent loss of profit margins associated with the cost of litigation.  We will work with you to assess if licenses are necessary and help acquire those licensing rights in order to protect your new direction from attack.

BRADFORD always strives to uphold the interests of other SEMA members. Just as you serve drivers and other auto manufacturers by improving a vehicle’s safety, speed, or aesthetics, we aim to make your job easier with comprehensive legal services. If you’d like to know exactly how our law firm can assist you or your business, give us a call today.